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Grand Avenue Capital has provided investment banking services in many offshore environments; its experience includes managing engagements with private companies with revenues in excess of $USD 2 billion in Europe, Asia, Mexico and the Middle East. Our first offshore project included the sale of a German manufacturer in Hamburg in 1979. These assignments have included:


  • Private placements by financial investors into the foreign entity

  • Sale of the majority interest of the foreign entity

  • Financial planning advisory, strategic planning guidance and valuation for the foreign entities


Offshore assignments often involve a local financial advisor, accountant, legal adviser or shareholder who is familiar with the client and has identified a financial need where our services would be warranted. Often this party becomes part of the advisory team in providing investment banking services. 


Grand Avenue Capital has had a working relationship with many offshore private equity investors in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Middle East. Grand Avenue Capital has frequently sought out strategic investor partners from all over the world for possible investment in our clients. 

If there is an offshore solution to a Grand Avenue Capital engagement, we are well equipped and experienced to provide one. We will think locally, but act locally and globally." 

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Grand Avenue Capital  augments its international capabilities through its active involvement with One to One Corporate Finance, the world’s leading global middle-market investment banking organization. Principals at Grand Avenue have elected to collaborate with members of this organization to diversify our reach globally with One to One's  50 international partners. 


One to One is one of the world’s leading M&A alliances having a physical presence in over 23 countries and 40 offices including the US. With direct experience advising businesses operating in every industry sector worldwide, our clients have significantly more options and alternatives at their disposal compared to having one single team for their M&A advisory In the past five years, member firms in the One to One network have advised on and closed more than 500 transactions: sell-side, buy-side and capital raising mandates.


Grand Avenue Capital  maintains deep involvement with One to One's leading firms and partners:


  • We have frequent meetings between key groups and collaborating partners

  • We share  market intelligence, particularly valuation metrics

  • We share data, marketing materials, and research on client industries

  • We cooperate  on investor identification and access for all  mandates

  • By participating in joint deal execution, the clients' interests are best served


ONE to ONE’s global reach, with its many M&A experts in offices stretching across four continents, enables our U.S. team to tap into very specific regional and industry expertise. Investors that most value our client's investment or acquisition opportunity  may be in Singapore, Prague, New Delhi, Miami, Mexico City, Chicago or Shanghai.  We leverage our network of trusted professionals in each world region to identify the parties that most value our client's strategic business proposition. Seamless collaboration across our global team is a One to One's core strength. It ensures that our client gests the exact expertise on, and access to, diverse marketplace investors and opportunities.

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