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Robin Hwang was instrumental in Grand Avenue Capital's successes in China, providing M&A operations and financial analyses of complex transactions. Robin has a combination of 18 years experience in corporate management and the investment banking industry as well as comprehensive experience with multiple large private equity groups.

He participated in a private placement which involved the US$110 million recapitalization of a large fiberglass manufacturer in the PRC.  Mr. Hwang has led private placements for several projects in China, including growth capital recap of US$50 million for a Chinese liquor producer in Guizhou Province, recap of US$20 million for a textile manufacturing company in Shanghai and recap of US$32 million for a pharmaceutical/paper chemical company in Suzhou, China.  


He has extensive experience in operations, management, logistics, IT, and software development for private companies.  Mr. Hwang also has expertise in doing pre-IPO private placement for Chinese companies in industries of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, manufacturing, IT, E-commerce, consumer products, and retail chains.


He primarily resides in Southern California. He resides in Shanghai while working on projects in the PRC.  Mr. Hwang holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and an IMBA in international business, both from the University of Southern California.


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