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Grand Avenue Capital was engaged by the shareholders of Sipi Metals Corporation to sell its premier IT Asset Disposition company Sipi Asset Recovery, or SAR. The company has production facilities in Illinois, California, Texas, Mexico and Colombia. 

The acquirer is Full Circle Electronics.

Full Circle is a group of companies committed to the certified safe and secure processing of the rapidly growing volume of electronic waste. Full Circle Electronics collects, processes and returns usable equipment and commodities back into the market from electronic waste streams.


Full Circle is a platform investment of Tide Rock Holdings. Tide Rock is a strategic holding company, with a portfolio that comprises manufacturing, distribution, services and healthcare companies. Headquartered in San Diego, California, it is managed by experienced operators and finance professionals with expertise in business-to-business companies. Tide Rock invests with a long-term perspective, limited use of debt, and a focus on accelerating growth through investment in people, processes, and resources.


During the highly confidential marketing campaign conducted by Grand Avenue, discussions were held with a number of strategic and private equity investors throughout the USA and internationally.  Ultimately, Grand Avenue secured 4 LOI’s from companies in South Korea, Singapore and the United States. Sipi Metals chose Full Circle due to its expanding national footprint and commitments to SAR’s experienced employees.


Grand Avenue Capital negotiated the transaction on behalf of the Sipi Metals shareholders, coordinating financial, operational and tax analyses, and legal support for Sipi Metals. 



About Grand Avenue Capital Investment Bankers


Grand Avenue Capital is an investment banking firm focusing on middle-market merger / acquisitions (both buy-side and sell-side engagements), private placements of capital for growth opportunities, valuations and strategic investment advisory services. in various industry sectors. Grand Avenue Capital's culture embraces teamwork, tenacity, perseverance  and creativity to provide our domestic and international clients exceptional value, delivering skillful positioning and relentless execution.  Grand Avenue Capital becomes a trusted adviser to its clients.  


Based in Pasadena, California and Chicago, Illinois, Grand Avenue Capital has provided investment banking services in many offshore environments; its experience includes managing engagements with private companies with revenues in excess of $USD 2 billion in Europe, Asia, Mexico and the Middle East. Our first offshore project included the sale of a German manufacturer in Hamburg, Germany in 1979.


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